Norred Law

At Norred Law, it's our mission to help our clients in every aspect of their personal and professional lives with assistance in intellectual property, litigation, and bankruptcy legal matters. To discuss your intellectual property ideas, debt relief options, or litigious proceedings with a team of experienced Texas attorneys, contact Norred Law today and schedule your initial consultation.

Our Services

  • Intellectual Property

    Norred Law is dedicated to protecting your ideas, whatever they may be. Our law firm specializes in intellectual property services such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and private contracts. To speak with an intellectual property attorney, contact us today.

  • Bankruptcy

    For assistance obtaining bankruptcy protection as an individual or as a small business in Texas, speak with bankruptcy lawyers from Norred Law. We have have the knowledge to help you find a debt relief option to fit you best.

  • Litigation

    Our law firm represents both individuals and companies in litigation at all levels of our justice system. So whether you're legal matter is more complex like a federal lawsuit or simpler like an eviction, Norred Law can help.